Takoyaki Delivery in Japan! It’s Japanese Near me delivery Service. The times at takoyaki restaurant where to buy takoyaki balls with Ukrainian Beautiful Bride.


Japan has ultra Takoyaki delivery near me delivery service.

We use this service sometime.

and It’s We go to takoyaki restaurant where to buy takoyaki balls.

It’s must be delicious Because Ukrainian Beautiful Bride delight.

Takoyaki flour recipe? You can use everything!
It’s ok takoyaki without octopus.
Just use takoyaki griddle and takoyaki flour and sauce!

Takoyaki with a beautiful Ukrainian bride.

It sounds nice…

takoyaki is simply cooking.

Just Takoyaki flour or flour and takoyaki griddle and octopus.

And There are people do not eat octopus.

It is also no problem takoyaki without octopus.

My ukrainian bride sometime cook takoyaki without octopus.

Because We can use everything takoyaki flour recipe.

For example,

We use cheese instead of octopus sometime.

We have Takoyaki in Japan in Ukraine.

Takoyaki is simply food.

We use flour, takoyaki sauce, octopus, batter, as ingredients.

When We do not have takoyaki sauce,

We use Soy sauce and Mayonnaise intead of takoyaki sauce.

and zojirushi takoyaki plate.

It’s easy to make Japanese takoyaki as in Japan.

Takoyaki electric pan and takoyaki kit are made in Japan.
We buy takoyaki electric pan in Japan.

Takoyaki,,, with beautiful Ukrainian bride.

It’s dream.

We use takoyaki electric pan and takoyaki kit.

We buy them in Japan.

It’s nice time I make takoyaki with her.

And I want her to rest.

We sometime use takoyaki kit.

We put Takoyaki kit in refrigerator in Ukraine.

It’s easy We just use takoyaki kit with microwave.

When We are in Japan…takoyaki items, takoyaki lantern, pringles, umaibo.

Takoyaki lantern,
Takoyaki pringles,
Takoyaki umaibo,

People are interested in takoyaki lantern.

Japanese think it is normal typical takoyaki lantern.

Other countries, People think it as a treasure.

Takoyaki pringles is potato chips.

and Takoyaki umaibo is snack.

Of course Takoyaki pringles and takoyaki umaibo are high quality and delicious.

It’s one of best as a souvenir.